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Explore our dedicated services that bring you advanced security solutions, keeping you safe and secure in every way.

What we offer

We provide high quality & cost effective security services

Plumbly Repair

Our planned mobile patrols provide proactive security. With systematic coverage, we demonstrate our competency in preventive measures, assuring comprehensive protection for your pr

Plumbly Repair

Count on us for rapid alarm response. Our skilled team swiftly addresses critical situations, underscoring our unwavering dedication to protecting your premises and maintaining

Plumbly Repair

Ensure your property's security with our trusted keyholding service. Our on-call team securely holds your keys, providing timely and reliable access when needed

Plumbly Repair

Rely on our diligent vacant property inspections to deter threats. Our thorough assessments reflect our competence in preserving the integrity of your unoccupied premises.

Plumbly Repair

Reinforcing security during vulnerable times. This exemplifies our commitment to maintaining a protective presence even when traditional business hours.

Plumbly Repair

Our reliable service to initiate and conclude your business day securely. Our meticulous approach highlights our commitment to securing your property from start to finish

Plumbly Repair

We offer thorough lone worker support, promptly addressing check call failures. This showcases our reliability in safeguarding lone workers and our commitment to their well-being

Plumbly Repair

Our vigilant team swiftly responds to alarm activations, demonstrating our expertise in handling security breaches and ensuring that your property remains secure at all times.

How we work

What happens when the alarm rings?

When it comes to safeguarding your property's access, Security 2000 is your reliable partner. While basic security measures have their place, our professional keyholding services provide the utmost security.

01. Alarm Activation

Alarm Activation: When an alarm at your premises is triggered, our system immediately notifies our 24/7 control room.

02. Rapid Assessment

Our trained security officers assess the situation remotely, verifying if it's a false alarm or requires physical response.

03. Immediate Dispatch

If necessary, we dispatch the nearest security officer to your location, thanks to GPS tracking in our vehicles

04. On-Site Resolution

Our security officer arrives promptly to address the situation, securing your property and liaising with law enforcement if needed.

We provide a cost effective security advantage

  • Responsive Emergency Support
    Instant alarm activations response ensures the safety of your premises round-the-clock.  
  • Tailored Solutions, Optimal Results
    Customized security plans that perfectly match your needs for comprehensive protection.  
  • Transparent Excellence
    Detailed reports and open communication provide clarity, confidence, and lasting trust.

Find reliable mobile patrol when you need it most

We are quick, reliable, efficient, trustworthy, accommodating and most of all, knowledgeable about the trade. So contact us today so we can be of your immediate service!